Time Currency

Everyone remains a prisoner of time until they come to the realisation that they are indeed stationed in this parking spot. The escape route only becomes possible when this is accepted as a fact.


Think of it this way and then allow yourself to digest it all. From the time a child is born until they are done with the education system they are conditioned to believe that time is not their own.


Time is something that needs to be filled with tasks. These tasks then create the building blocks for an admittance to a bigger time prison.


Parents spend their days preparing us all in our early years. They believe that there is no doubt we need to be ready for the school system’s framework very soon.


The scramble begins: reading us bedtime stories and trying to teach us our numbers and letters. Eventually the years pass by and it is time for either day care or kindergarten.


It all flies by in one big swoop and the next thing you know it is time for college and university. The world beckons and the real race is on, now everything counts on getting that good job and showing up day in day out.


What if it was discovered that this was all an illusion and that everything did not count on landing that good job?


What if we were taught to understand that time is the most valuable currency of wealth that we are all born with?


What if more time was spent teaching us from an early age that we need to discover what we are good at?


What if every day our parents asked us this one question? It is a popular one: “What do you want to be when you grow up”?


What if every day our parents spent about 30 minutes asking us to work on the answer to this most popular of questions? Then what if it was made such a popular question that it was a part of the day, every single day?


We know that at a young age the answer received may often change. It may be a different one every week or month. Even at an older age it may change.


What if we were asked how we would go about accomplishing this wish of ours?


What if we walked through the steps with our parents and they knew to lovingly force us to map out how this would all transpire, assisting us to think through very methodically how it would come to fruition?


You see the most valuable thing we are all given right from birth is the gift of time. We all start out on a level playing field, illnesses aside of course.


This special gift makes us all wealthy right out of the gate. It is the single most powerful currency of wealth on planet earth and perhaps the entire universe, galaxies and solar systems. It is a wealth currency that has nothing to do with financial wealth but how we use it can guide us towards financial wealth and spiritual elation, (true happiness).

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